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Last two capes: my own.
 Black velvet: Shareen Vintage. Purple suede: From the road trip to New Orleans
These pictures remind me why capes are so badass. 
The last two are my own.  The black velvet with embellished shoulders was a find from Shareen Vintage about three years ago.  I saw the Stella McCartney version (pic #5) released this year with the floral embroidered shoulders and it really reminds me of it.  I practically levitated off the ground when I tried it on.  Ironic being a cape. Pics of me in it are here.   The purple suede one was a find during the New Orleans road trip.

Capes are wide so I wear them with skinnies or slim-ish harem bottoms.  For non-vintage I think Felt  or Mango’s military version are good.  Then you can move up to something longer.

For me, capes are a change from leather jackets and wool coats.  Note: they make for dramatic exits and entrances everywhere.  I love that.

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  1. Jhon Frank says:

    i have bought some Leather Jackets from Pinterest as i can see your pics,
    it is still cool.

  2. Mary-Anne O'Donnell says:

    When I read the title of this post I almost died! I thought you were actually in Cape Town.

  3. The White List says:

    Great capes but I love those shoes in the first picture! I wonder if there’s a male version of them… 🙂

  4. ngawina says:

    Oh yes!! I looove capes and you couldn’t have said it better, they definitely make for a dramatic entrance and exit!! I absolutely love yours pictured above!! That rich violet one is heaven on earth!! xx

  5. browning rifles says:

    I love the 7th cape. It’s awesome. And also I must say that hair style looks fits nicely with the face cut.

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