The Big Faux

Chanel square mini

faux fur coat
shaggy fur coat
mongolian fur coat

Chanel classic mini flap

Emma Cook boots

white faux fur coat

Mongolian fur coat: Etsy (about 3 years ago).  This grey Warehouse coat is cool or try Ashely B (on sale), Nightwalker, Asos or Forever21. High waisted jeans: Express.  Belt (just seen): Vintage. Boots: Emma Cook for Topshop (still badass). Try the ‘Hackney’ lace ups.  Bag: Chanel. Hat: Mens H&M.   Lipstick: MAC ‘Lady Danger’

You know when you can’t decide on whether to sell something that you’ve had for a while?  That was the case with this coat.   It’s from Etsy and I would pull it out on days that I was serious about purging the wardrobe, cocking my head to one side thinking: ‘Should I?’   Then snow days like now hit and I’m thinking:  ‘Um no I bloody well shouldn’t!’

Check places like Etsy or Ebay for one or try Unreal Fur if you can’t deal with the hunt just order the biggest size available. 

Surplus pic on Instagram.

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