On Repeat

Topshop Nomad tie sandals

Gotta give it to Topshop.  They got me by the b*lls this time…

Valentino butterfly sunglasses

Topshop nomad sandals

Aline denim skirts

Shirt: Vintage.  Skirt: Zara.  Try Topshop or Asos. Sandals:  Topshop (also in black).  Bag: Vintage Coach. Shades: Valentino

Michael: “Come on let’s get out of the house and get a drink.”

Me: “Hmmm what shoes. I know – the lace ups.”

Another day:

Me: “I need to go check out my friend’s new boutique (more on that later). What shoes? Errr – lace ups”

You get the point.  I’ve since ditched the bow thing and it’s a basic knot and hang. Feeling like slippers with heels attached, they have been (almost) the only heel I’m wearing.

Side note: Follow my Instagram @karenbritchick – I’m thinking of posting my initial fave fashion week street style photos.  Starting end of this week!

What are you wearing on repeat? 


  1. Caroline Howden says:

    They do look goood! I fancy the black, but they’re out of stock right now. I’m currently not in a ‘repeat’ zone – im stuck in an ‘out of stock’ zone 🙁 Trying to chase a block heel, black ghillie shoe – maybe River Islands version and majorly crushing over Topshops denim shirt dress (that’s not a bum skimmer!) – my size? Out of stock. I keep clicking that refresh button for my size (fingers crossed) x

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Yes the black are killer. I got them too! Keep checking back because I do so the odd random size pop up as available. As for the OOS dilemma that is the baine of every woman’s life!!!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thank you! ugh I’m obsessed with these damn shoes

      • Soulofashopper says:

        Well they totally suit you!!! And of course ur obsessed with the shoes they’re gorgeous and look quite comfy too!!! 🙂 have a great weekend and a fab nyfw!! 😉

  2. common princess says:

    I love the sandals! the bows look cute 🙂 Right now it’s difficult even trying to have anything on repeat as the weather is sooo different from one day to the next here in London!


    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Good God I’ve been hearing about the London weather. I tell you it doesn’t change much does it?!! I remember going all my life without hardly experiencing a full on hot summer for months or at least it seemed that way!

      • common princess says:

        Yep! hasn’t changed at all lol, London was flooding on monday…and this weekend is full of sunshine and nice weather!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      and they’re pretty comfortable. Easier to walk in than a pencil!

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