Print Clash

block heel boots

Wear velvet, tiger and paisley all at the same time…

leopard print clutch

animal print clutch

block heels boots

animal print clutch

velvet skirt

Zara block heel boots

Top: Vintage. Lookalike from Asos. Skirt: Vintage. Boots:  Zara (Flipping LOVE).  Try Topshop’s contrast heel version, Alexander Wang or River Island. Clutch: W Store years ago.  Gold mirrored aviators: Ray-Ban

God I miss mixing prints up.  The tiger print clutch because seeing the two prints together just did it.

For those who obsessed over these boots like I did they run narrow and that’s coming from someone with narrow feet!  Wear them around the house and spray with stretching spray.  Outside of having a cobbler do it it’s the only thing that’s worked for stretching across the top of the foot.  I use this spray.

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  1. daisyd90 says:

    I love this look!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thanks yuka I’ve missed doing it this summer.

  2. LondonLady says:

    Love it too. The print of the blouse, the texture of the skirt, the various clashes and how the boots accentuate it all – brilliant.

  3. Taranimale says:

    You may have seen this already, but I saw a Zulily tweet where they talked about flared jeans, and I looked at the pic and thought, “That looks like Karen” (like we are some sort of BFFs, ha!). And sure enough, they included a Pinterest Item from you! The bag made me look twice and make the connection. And you’ll laugh, my second thought was “They had better credit her!” and they did, of course!

  4. tsp says:

    genius……this is pure genius. and this is why i love you blog so much, you are so original!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Some would say borderline questionable but thank you for being a mix print fan : )

  5. keepinitretro says:

    Oh, man…The Paisley Tiger would be a great name for a vintage store!
    Love the mixed prints!

  6. stylegirl123 says:

    Always lurk, never comment but just had to today. Love your look and blog! I bought the Zara boots after also obsessing, but once I saw them on you I just had to have them. I do not have narrow feet and they actually fit me fine. A little high in the heel and hard on the bottom of my feet (no padding) but fit-wise a-ok! I adore them so I had to thank you personally for giving me the nudge to get them!

  7. Overdress Vintage says:

    Nailed it again, Delighted to have the comments finally set up!

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