The Full Monty on Annie Georgia Greenberg

Annie Georgia Greenberg


Definition: The Full Monty: 

A British slang phrase.  It is generally used to mean “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”
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Annie is the Fashion Editor at Large for Refinery 29 and has always been one of those with a unique personal style that I’ve admired from afar.  When Sue Williamson mentioned her too, it sort of confirmed that I needed to meet Annie to chat a little about the contents of her badass closet…

Scarf:  Cowboy Poetry Festival

“I’m really into neck scarves and bandanas.  This one I got in Nevada when I was doing a story on the Cowboy Poetry Festival.  They call it a wild rag and you tie it like this.  So that’s when I started to get into the neck scarf thing over two years ago –  for the record!”

Annie Greenberg editor

Grey leather jacket:  Saint Laurent

“This is probably the jacket that I wear the most.  I got it from Tradesy.”

Annie Greenberg

Dress:  Seattle vintage store

This dress was like eighteen dollars. It looks like Valentino or Dolce and Gabbana.    I haven’t worn it yet but I’m going to.

Acne metallic boots

Boots: Acne.  Metallic silvers (past season) & The Ora boots.

“These are my two ACNE boots that I’m obsessed with.  I love these.”

refinery 29

“I haven’t done the switch yet between winter and spring so this is just what I have in my closet right now.

A lot of what I own is vintage.”

annie greenberg

Shoes: Venice Vintage Paradise store

“My problem is I can’t sell things without buying other things.  I buy what makes me happy and these shoes do. I just love these.

They’re really impractical and they are made for someone with smaller feet. That’s another thing about me, I have shoes that are a size ten and I have shoes in here that are a size seven.   I can’t even tell you anymore what size my feet are. I just squeeze my feet in and make it work.”

vintage silk kimonos

“This was my Grandmother’s.  I should get it tailored but I almost don’t want to.  I’ve worn it with a turtle neck and a wide legged trouser and really chunky shoes.”

Charlotte Olympia shoes

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

“I started using shoes as my decoration like these in my bedroom.  They are two of my favorite shoes.   I bought them for my birthday because I kept thinking how cute they were.  I figure if I’m going to spend that kind of money on shoes I should have them out.

I got them because I like them and I like looking at them. They are so cute.”

closet series

Jacket: Pro Sell

“They sell cute alth-leisure stuff that’s tightly curated.  This is an old Versus Versace jacket.”

closet ideas

“This is where I keep my jewelry.   I mean what am I going to do?  My space is limited.”

Vintage black bags

Bag: Annie’s Mum

“This was my Mum’s bag. She got it in Italy.  It’s like a lady bag but with attitude.”

vintage suede coats

Suede coat:  eBay/gift

“I just wore this in a video shoot.  My Editor in Chief gave this coat to me.  She got it off eBay and either it didn’t fit her or she didn’t like it so she thought that I’d like it so it kinda worked out.”

AGL boots

Boots:  AGL

“These are those crazy AGL boots.   I think they’re cool.”

Band jackets

Jacket:  Nifty Thrify warehouse

“This I haven’t worn yet but I’ll figure out wearing it at some point.  I like buy things just to look at in my closet, it makes me happy to look at this so I bought it.”

New york apartments

“As much as I love clothes I also recently got into collecting  kimonos.   This is like my ideal home outfit, a kimono, warm socks and my yeezy t-shirt.”

small apartments

“Coats and shoes – those are my things.”

grey coats

Bill Blass coat: Vintage from A Current Affair vintage market event

“This is my most recent coat purchase.  It’s this great vintage Bill Blass coat.  It’s good right?  The charcoal is nice and it’s heavy.    I have so many coats that I love that I cannot even choose between them.”

vintage beaded vest

Beaded top: Annie’s Grandmother

“Actually I should wear this.  It just feels so precious and lady like and that’s not me.

I also have the gift and curse of living close to my parents in New Jersey so I use their basement as a storage facility.”

oversized cardigans

Cardigan: Friend swap

“This is a sweater that I convinced my best friend to trade me for another sweater and I love it.  It reminds me of her and it’s also just a dope sweater.  It’s really good.”

Asian bomber jackets

Jacket:  Manhattan Vintage Show

“This jacket is awesome because it’s reversible.  I love this and will have it forever.  I got it when I curated at the Manhattan Vintage Show.”

beaded clutches

Sue got this for me.  She’s so great.”

annie greenberg

Sunglasses: Salt

“I just got these sunglasses.  I love aviators. I don’t lose many things but I’ve lost a lot of sunglasses.”

annie greenberg refinery 29

“I got these off of eBay.  I just think it’s funny because these might not even be real Gucci because I’ve never seen them but I don’t really care because I love them so much.

I don’t really shop online which is ironic. “

vintage straw bags

Bags: Vintage

“I bought all of these bags at the same time.  I bought like fourteen bags at once in Ohio because I’d driven to Cincinnati and I went vintage shopping and everything was so well priced.  The bags were so beautiful and I just couldn’t believe it and I got like a bakers dozen worth of bags.

I’m very into lady bags so these have really served me well and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of them.”

.  .  .

Bonus photos including the genius location Annie keeps some of her bags is on my Snapchat: karenbritchick





  1. LondonLady says:

    Super interesting, thanks Karen. Also inspiring to see how Annie makes her homespace work. Always enjoy your Full Montys.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thank you. I do wonder if anyone is still really interested in these….

  2. Stylista says:

    Nice to see Anna G here Karen!!! Love her quirky personality and I always enjoy watching her vids on Refinery 29!! Full Monty is my ish :-)!!

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Hello Stylista!!! I LOVE watching her videos. They are so non-cheesy

  3. e says:

    “My problem is I can’t sell things without buying other things’ … ugh.. glad it’s not just meeeee. 🙂

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      That’s me too!!!

  4. Veniece Wesson says:

    I enjoyed this post. Full Monty’s are one of my favorite parts of your blog. I like how you show little details of each individual to show their uniqueness. Her style is so dope.

    • Karen Blanchard says:

      Thanks Venice!! SHe’s great isn’t she?

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