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faux fur leopard coat

I’d like to bend your ear on the subject of errrr feet…

platform loafers

Chanel 14c red jumbo bag

platform loafers

Leopard coat: Topshop. Similars from Nordstrom (on sale).  Jeans:  Sandro.  Loafers: Mango. Similar by Greyson or Flamingo.  Shirt: Borrowed from Michael.  Bag: Chanel

These loafers are two years old and walk that line of boy/girl (with short hair I’m siding with the former).  They satisfy my  platform fix without succumbing to the Stella McCartney loafers that I wanted off and on for months.  Plus I reckon these’ll stick around in the closet for longer even when the Stella’s go down during the Black Friday sales.

Having size ten (US) feet I thought I’d shy away from wanting mannish shoes but that never happens. In fact I make it a feature.  I did find it annoying for maybe five minutes years ago but got over it. There are too many cool shoes around now to sit around wishing my feet were a cute size six.  Of course there are shoes I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole because they just look better on small feet (like the Stella’s I mentioned? correct me if I’m wrong since I’ve never tried them on) but I’ve seen small feet woman rock them like no one’s business.  That shouldn’t make me stop wanting them but it does.  Being lame? or being realistic?

Interestingly, women with small feet tell me that it’s hard to find shoes in their size or that their size goes first.  So much for the grass is greener theory.

Can you relate to being horizontally challenged below the ankles?


  1. Lindsey via Vegas says:

    As speaking from the little foot experience; yes my size 6 can go fast…if not first. Matter of fact, since
    the Buffalo Exchange (Las Vegas) has moved to a new location, my little feet are not held as something good.
    They have told me if I had bigger feet, they could sell them at a higher price, my shoes are “discounted” because
    they are small. (The staff has told me this). I have had to beg and plead to get them to give me more. Because of this, I no longer sell/trade my shoes here. So, as you can see, sometimes it doesn’t help to have little feet.

    Lindsey via Vegas

  2. Caroline Howden says:

    I’m a UK shoe size 6, think that’s a US 9? I tend to find it’s a popular size and can luck out quite quickly in the shoe department unless im fast and don’t hesitate…I don’t worry so much about shoe size it’s more im quite flat-footed (like a duck!) so my feet are quite wide. Anything pointed can be torture and as much as I love the look of the recent lace up shoes…(see attached Topshop hubba hubba!) they tend to make my feet look strangled or porky..if that makes sense… :-/

  3. minkey70 says:

    I’m a UK 10 but my feet are also wide, shoe shopping is a pain in the backside, so often I have to buy what fits instead of something I’d love. I’m never going to be able to say “I’d like a pair of red shoes” and just go and buy them, it’s not going to happen, the choice is not there, unless of course I want to buy transvestite shoes!

  4. Lisa says:

    There are definitely certain pairs of shoes that just work better on small feet. If my feet look like I’m missing a paddle, they’re a definite no!

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