Friday’s Face: Long Hair or Short?

Ari Wesphal short hair styles

Ah the eternal  yo yo of should you grow out your hair or cut it short.   Which side are you on because I am literally split right down the middle.

Remember the 2015 post about how I got the courage to cut my hair?  Since then I’ve resigned myself to straddling both worlds by wearing wigs to itch that scratch for long hair.   Extensions work too but this is faster.  Over the years, readers have related on here to both hair lengths.  When I did the big chop, you shared your own leap of faith stories in cutting your hair short and how it made you feel.  Don’t get me wrong, yes it’s liberating but it’s balls to the wall oh sh** scary too, but ahhh – tomboy edge finally stares you back in the mirror.   But when the long hair returns (via wigs) I’ve had those share how much they missed seeing long hair on here  (I begun WDUGT with long hair that I’ve had since a little girl).

Swinging both ways or rather, both lengths is like having your cake and eating it and frees you from the ‘I’m growing my hair out’ phase.  At the drop of a hat or rather wig, short or long hair is a style light switch.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that neither hair length satisfies me enough to keep long term, so it’s the swingers club for now.

Question:  Unlike me, are you satisfied with your hair length?

Photo: Ari Westsphal in WSGN who cut off her long hair and looks amaze balls both ways.

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