Autumn Cranberry

Chloe faye bag in dark purple with velvet ankle boots and ruffle sleeve blouse

red velvet ankle boots with madewell jeans and H&M romantic blouse

Chloe faye bag with velvet boots and Madewell vintage high waist jeans

Chloe faye bag in dark purple with steve madden red velvet boots


This blouse ticks all the boxes in the typical ones that I go for:  high neck, long sleeves, loose fabric and ruffles.   The colour is like a washed out ivory although it comes in dark green too (don’t ask if I have that one).   Again, size up one or two to fit slightly oversized.

 Someone asked me on here to give my review/thoughts on the Chloe Faye and I will very soon now that I’ve had a few weeks to really use it.

Side note on the boots, if you get them, the initial stiffness will pass and they do break in.

.   .   .

Ruffle blouse:  H&M.   Jeans: Madewell (on sale!).   Boots: Steve Madden Jaque (don’t size up, these run true to size to slightly big).  Shades: Ray-Ban.  Bag: Chloe Faye in dark purple


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