Current Crush: Simon Miller Bonsai Bags

Simon Miller Bonsai bag

Simon Miller Bonsai bag


Warning: This post is for small bag lovers only.  I feel like women fall into two  camps. We are either a big bag or a small bag girl.  Not in-between.   This post is for the latter.

Que the Simon Miller Bonsai bag. It is completely impractical.  It is teeny and it is hand held and I absolutely love it.    Like the mules post published below or (or click here), words like ‘lady-like’ and ‘classic’ spring to mind.  It’s finished in simple hand-tanned French leather with smooth metal hoops and is mesmerizing with floor sweeping dresses or swinging next to long coats and denim.   In short, it’s a small bag that’s massively impactful and head turning.

I noticed that it comes in a larger size for big bag lovers, but somehow the smaller size has a hands-slap-cheeks-omg-your-bag-is-adorable appeal.

In the meantime I noticed that Forever21 did a version which begs to be investigated.  I’m semi hoping it will have a “omg where did you get that?” quality or is that wishful thinking?

Question:  Are you a small bag lover too?



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