The Kitten Heel Boot

Karen Blanchard wearing a black H&M coat with zara red suede bow ankle boots and cropped levi jeans

levi vintage jeans and zara red suede bow ankle boots


karen blanchard the fashion blogger wearing an H&M long black coat with Levi vintage jeans and Zara red suede kitten heel boots

Photos last week in a long H&M coat with the oldest pair of Levi jeans and a pair of Zara ankle boots I didn’t buy when they were available.

So of course I ended up finding them via eBay instead because that’s what I do when I love something that I waited too long to cave on.

Tell me you can relate.

.   .   .

Coat: H&M. Similar from Asos, &Otherstories andReiss (wear un-belted).  Blouse: Zara. Or get black kitten heel boots. Turtleneck: Gap.  Jeans: Vintage Levi.  Belt: Topshop.  Boots: Zara. Bag: Forever21. Similar to Simon Miller.


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