Making Layers

Green silk maxi dress

Ganni callie ankle boots

Loewe puzzle bag medium

Loewe puzzle bag medium

Ah that light in Milan Italy.   I’m sure dusk or golden light as it’s called is the same anywhere but against the old buildings it was just magical.  Sorry – I had to get a bit cheesy but it’s true.

I literally wore part of my weekend suitcase all at once:  a Zara long sleeved green dress layered with a black and white stripe skirt from Topshop.  It wasn’t what I was planning but it was welcome unexpected layers.

The Ganni boots show no signs of waning as evidence on my vlogs on YouTube. They’re are just too bloody good for instant western vibes with the added bonus of being comfortable. Another layer to contrast it all.

.  .  .

Dress: Zara, sold out.   Skirt layer over dress: Topshop. Almost identical from Mango.  Boots: Ganni (love!!!).  Found ones on sale in suede.  Bag: Loewe (also love!!).  Also found it here. Also found a dupe for you. Shades: Ray-Ban.  Blazer: Men’s corduroy vintage (part of a men’s suit).

.   .   .

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