Beach Cover Ups You’ll Love!

Got a beach holiday coming up? Luckily, this blog post made it just in time!! Many of you know that I went on a surprise trip to Mexico not long ago. During that time, I was practically living in beach cover ups! Depending on how you wear them, they make an ideal outfit for the hot evenings too (and not exclusively for the beach). Below I’ve listed some of my favourite styles this year. If you’re interested in my holiday video, search KarenBritChick on YouTube for the video to pop up or click my link here watch it. Enjoy!!



Voluminous beach dresses and cover ups are definitely a classic! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it they say!! This season there’s plenty of beautiful voluminious beach outfits for you to try. Let the skirt blow in the salty wind and live your best life. The best part about voluminous cover ups is that it’s so easy to wear whatever you want underneath. It’s no fuss and has a healthy amount of visual drama.


Organza move over and let knitted sheer dresses come through!! Over the past year we’ve seen a rise in new knitwear styles, especially for the summer! Knitted sheer dresses are perfect for those who love to show a bit more of their sexier side. The figure hugging style is also perfect for a sensual evening dinner date. It’s more versatile than what meets the eye. The colours and silhouettes are simply gorgeous (like this one from Missoni)!!



Cut-out dresses will always have a place in my beach wardrobe! Exposing the ‘right’ areas of the body, this trend look is still a cult favourite. It’s not hard to understand why. Cut-out cover ups give both a sense of elegance and sensuality! The best part is that this is a style that you can wear on other occasions (in the city) and not just on holiday. 

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