Contemporary Bridal Edit


It’s about time for a bridal edit! Those of you who read my wedding guest outfit blog post would’ve seen it coming! I’ve been wanting to do a bridal edit that wasn’t your usual kind. I think we’ve upgraded from the past princess-esque Vera Wang dresses (though don’t get me wrong, those are still very gorgeous!) However, like the rest of fashion, bridal wear has also been evolving with our tastes. Not long ago I wrote about contemporary feminine clothing – this post is a little like that. If your wedding is coming up, below are some modern dresses that you might love!

Minimalist Bridal

What’s it like being a bride wearing The Row? Only few will know, though we can definitely take a page from their style book. Minimalist dresses haven’t just reached bridal, but also every red carpet too. 

The pin-perfect tailoring creates an ultra luxurious look with unparalleled sophistication. The purpose of the bias cut is not just that it sits right on your body as you walk down the aisle, but that it also creates volume (in an extremely subtle way) in the desired areas. Essentially, there’s nothing simple about minimalist design. The result however, looks effortless. 


Neo-Classic Bridal


Megan Markle and many others had set the stage for the popularity of this style. The neo-classic bridal wear is the refined version of the past romantic dresses. The much adored long train, beautiful bodice and hourglass silhouette can still be found in this style. Through a 2022 editing eye, the classic style has been elevated to elegance. 

Rule-Breaking Bridal

Any brides-to-be here who hates following the rules? Here’s one just for you! I think it’s a great thing that bridal wear has also become a style occasion that doesn’t have to follow a distinct rule. The day is meant for you, so why not wear something that makes you feel most like yourself? Wear a mini bride’s dress if it makes you feel sexier, or tap into the cut-out trend that you love! No need to wear white if you never liked the colour. You’re going to look amazing!


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