What’s In My Basket At The Moment

The purpose of this article is for me to share with you my shopping picks: what’s in my basket at the moment? What am I excited about? I can tell you that I am looking forward to the next season already. Transitioning pieces are on my radar right about now. Can you blame me? Fashion enthusiasts will relate.  

Platform Boots

The craze for platforms isn’t over yet. Versace, Balmain, and Valentino are here to satiate the appetite for killer shoes this season. Am I embracing this brave higher-than-life attitude? Yes, I am. Plus you know what else I am embracing? Emergency blister plasters. The “price you’ve got to pay” is running high on this one. Do I care? I don’t, because if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I have always been mad about platforms ever since my Stella McCartney pair. It’s an “add to cart immediately” for me. I bought the Valentino boots in particular but down below in the carousel you will find options for any budget.

Shield and Visor Eyewear

Recently I purchased Alexander McQueen visor shades and I’ve been obsessed with them (check this affordable option by Quay!). I love how statement sunglasses elevate a casual look. This may seem like I’m reminiscing on a bygone fashion fad, but shield/visor sunglasses are having a moment right now, in line with the fashion world’s hunger for Y2K trends in general. Also, sunglasses are something you can afford to go a little kitschy with — they’re meant to be fun, so why not go all out? Luckily, the market also has a variety of styles to choose from right now, whether you want a discreet shield shade or a bold colored-lens style. Check the carousel below!

Parachute Trousers

I love how high-waisted trousers suck you win and improve your figure. I have a couple I wear on rotation and I know I will come back to them again and again. However, recently I’ve also been into another kind of statement bottoms: parachute pants – which are more of a low rise. Parachute pants have a utilitarian look and feel to them that I love – besides being very comfortable. I love putting on just a very low-key casual outfit – it works when all else fails! I bought my white parachute from a vintage shop in Brooklyn – if you’re not sure about a trend, this is a great way to try it on a budget. When you need some extra space you might as well get a pair of pants you can live in, and these definitely get the job done! By the way, follow me on TikTok to know more of my shopping picks and daily style tips. 

What about you? What’s on your shopping radar at the moment?

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