Milan FW AW23 Street Style Trends

Let’s talk about Milan FW street style trends! It’s one that I’ve been excited to talk about because if you’re a maximalist like me, this city will be your main source of inspiration.  I will say that the street style here was STUNNING! 

Utility Stays Strong

First up – utility. Cargo pants and other utility elements have been having a great run while Y2k is continuing as our macro trend. And, I’m not complaining. It’s about playing with that hi-lo volume (a tight fitting top and a loose fitting bottom). I styled this trend with my Loewe boots, which I talk about in more detail here! One thing that I’ve seen particularly popular in Milan FW is mixing looks with blazers (I’ll talk about this in more detail later!) The mix of a structural blazer and cargo pants has been a combination I’ve been loving (and styling) for AGES

Winter Denim

I can’t wait to introduce this one: Winter Denim!! During the end of last year, I grabbed my denim skirt whenever I could. There’s just something about denim that is cool. Milan FW showcased some of the best denim styling I’ve seen! It’s moving away slightly from Y2k and more into the realms of deconstructivism or DIY. Think of distressed and upcycled elements. Don’t mind me, just adding items to my wishlist. 

Suit Up!

As mentioned earlier, blazers have taken centre stage at Milan FW. Though, every type of tailored piece was just about seen there!  The menswear section definitely was raided by the looks of things. It was hard not to awe at the beauty of the well constructed suits and double-breasted coats. Also to note, grey was the most popular colour choice!! Let me just say, I’m ready to continue my love of wearing a well tailored grey coat in winter. 

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