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I’ve been an expat for quite a while now. To begin with, it was pretty difficult to get off the ground. I had to find a place to stay, I had to apply for credit cards for someone with no credit, meet new people so I wouldn’t be lonely, and so much more. But I made it through the harder times and am glad I didn’t give up becaue a lot of funny moments have come from it!

Fun post moment:

Here are some of my experiences as an expat that I still go through living in New York after all these years…

The most common things strangers say to me:

“It sounds so much better when you say it!”

“oh my God you sound so proper”***

“Say that again”

In a sandwich deli ordering a sandwich:

Me: “Can you put some butter on the bread please?”

Server: “Mustard?”

Me: “No – butter”

Server: “Mustard?”


Server: “Mustard?”

Most common question I’m asked in America:

“So what’s better? London or New York?”

In a diner ordering an omelette:

Me: “I’ll have an egg white omelette with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms”

Waitress: “Cheese?”

(Did I say cheese?)

The daily fight with my MAC desktop:

I write Favourite it autocorrects to Favorite

I write Jewellery it autocorrects to Jewelry

The list goes on and on and the same corrections hit to my iPhone – Arrrrghhhh!

Things I have to be very careful saying in America:

Fag = Means a cigarette to Brits but means something else here

Fanny = ok to say in the States but be careful if you say it in England

Terms I wrestle with changing or keeping the same on WDUGT:

Jumper = sweater

Trainers = sneakers

Pavement = sidewalk

Plimsolls = simple trainer like shoes (like Keds)

Jacket = blazer

Fringe = bangs

Trousers = pants

Again – the list is way longer than the above

. . .

***See my Snapchat (Karenbritchick) from last night to hear me rambling although I don’t think I sound proper at all.

Please add to the list if you’re an expat or simply don’t live in your country of origin!

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