Summer or Winter?

Brand Love Story flare jeans

Chanel black square mini

At the end of every Full Monty I ask a series of questions on snapchat and the above is one of them because it tells you something about their personal style.

So which one are you? I want to cheat and say I’m both, but I think, while sitting right now in a pair of my fave denim cut offs, winter still wins.  There are more clothing options and there’s more to wear all at the same time (this is the real reason let’s be honest).  You’ve got the hats, the scarves, the jackets – oh the jackets, the coats and the boots.  God, the boots!  Winter is the Olympics of layering but it’s basic too.   Hide inside a killer coat and you are out the door.

Summer is about being effortlessly lightweight. It’s an off the shoulder shirt or a classic slip dress with endless supplies of cool sunglasses to compliment (and also hide behind).   Your skin glows and breathes with less make up.   Strappy sandals and heels get rotated in and the heavy weight of your coat is finally gone.

.    .    .

I hate to say it (or do I) but soon we’ll be in that heavy coat again so let me ask:

Which one are you?  A Summer or Winter person? 

Photos:  Taken from this 2016 post and this 2015 post.

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