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denim overalls

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This post is about an epiphany that was a long time in the making.

Last week I saw Elaine Mitchell, Senior Creative Director at the Sassoon New York hair salon and left with punk-like hair.    I shrieked afterwards but the trip reminded me of something more important…

Over the past two years, you have gone on a hair journey with me.  Growing up, I’ve always had long hair but recently I started to feel like I was stuck in a hair rut.  My fedoras became a crutch, hiding me behind hair that I was getting increasingly bored with.  When I did the big chop,  Sassoon approached me this year to explore different ways to style my short hair.   They showed me how to rock a mod cut, go curlytry a badass quiff and lastly, this edgy spin on short summer hair, but what they really did was remind me why I was bored before: Long straight hair wasn’t me anymore.  Hair is an extension of your style and when it’s not you anymore, don’t be afraid to change it!

.   .   .

Question:  Do you feel like you’ve found your hair style or are you still experimenting?

Post sponsored by Sassoon.

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