Slightly Witchy

lace maxi dress with black fedora and NYX metal lipstick

H&M black maxi coat with black fedora and lace vintage maxi dress and NYX metal lipstick

Suede black ankle boots with vintage lace dress and bell sleeve knit

bell sleeve knit top and fedora with NYX dark nebula metal lipstick

long black wool coat with pointy black ankle boots and long maxi dresses

fashion blogger Karen Blanchard in long lace maxi dress with Reiss black suede ankle boots

Reiss pointy suede black ankle boots with bell sleeve knit top and lace maxi dress


It’s Halloween and this is my version of goth with the things in my wardrobe.  Granted it’s diluted goth but it’s a nod in that direction.

The ripped dress was bought as is from Beacon’s Closet (you saw it here before) and I layered it with a bell sleeve knit to show you how I’d winterize it. The drama of a big sleeve made sense under it.  Asos has this multi layered dress that would be brilliant instead though.  Finished with pointy suede ankle boots and a church thrift shop hat, you could dial this way up make up wise, but as is, you could feel more than chuffed to wear this over the next few months.

ps.  If you’re dressing up for Halloween, tag me on Instagram so I can see what you wore (or are wearing).

Either way Happy Halloween…!

.   .   .

Dress:  Beacons Closet.  Boots: Reiss (found last year).  Similar from Topshop ‘Mustard’ boots or Shopbop (I like that pointy toe/block heel combo). Bell sleeve knit: H&M. Coat: H&M. Try Monki  Hat: Church flea. Lipstick: NYX Cosmic metals lipstick in Dark Nebula. See it in action on snapchat (karenbritchick)



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