Eye Makeup Trends of 2021

The eyes are the window to the soul, they say. But, a true creative would ask, why not spice that window up? Eye makeup trends have never been as hot of a topic (I’m thinking of that particular explosion of eye makeup inspiration from Euphoria last year). Breaking boundaries and experimentation is now part of the rule book for even the most casual looks. As I mentioned in my ‘lipstick article’, a little colour in your regular makeup routine can dramatically spice up your summer outfits! Just imagine your white summer dress with gold hoops, AND two strokes of lilac eyeliner!! Right? Here’s a few of the biggest makeup trends this year that I’ve selected to fit seamlessly into this season!

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Dopamine Coloured Eye Makeup

You might have heard of dopamine dressing from my ‘Summer Dresses’ article. The trend of using different bold colours to boost our mood has been trickling into the makeup scene. Naturally, colours just pop in the summer sun, making it ideal for the season. I’ve been seeing people really stretching their imagination with this makeup trend! My feed has been indulging in photos of luscious lavender colour eye makeup (apparently the colour of the year). But, more and more I’ve seen artists experiment with odd colour eyes (- one a bold red and the other a forest green). It goes to show that bold colours have boundless creative appeal!!

Personally, when I’m doing a bold look, I tend to dap shades of blues and greens to make a perfect azure!(The palette I’m using is from the Revlon Wonder Woman 84 Collection). Cooler shades are less used by people in the summer, but I’m drawn to those colours maybe because they remind me of the sea of St. Lucia! What colours speak summer for you? 

I have particularly been eyeing (*pun intended*) the eyeshadow palettes from Juvia’s Place that have most gorgeous shades – perfect for this trend!

Don’t be afraid of trying bold colours! Stand out eye looks for casual wear are seen more often than ever!

Another footnote from the ’90s: Smokey Eye Makeup

I’m sure you’ve heard the drill. The ’90s supermodel makeup looks are back!!  There’s so many tips to choose from, but the one I’ve been enjoying lately are smokey eyes. The deep smoke around the eyes feel like they’re straight out a Naomi Campbell shoot with Peter Lindbergh! 

Natural, dewy-skin with a smudged eye pencil and fluffed out eyeshadow is a classic look that’s hard to go wrong. After all, the makeup look is ’90s supermodel-esque with a nudge to grunge. We stan. 

What notes are you taking from the 90s?

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Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is not so much a trend because it never left! There’s no other shape like a lined cat-eye that will forever stand the test of time. However, the timeless look has been given a 2021 update! 

Unexpected coloured wing eyeliner, especially blue have been shaping the scene. You might have seen me sport this look on my IG a few times. I like to think that the bold coloured winged liner is a nod to the dopamine dressing I talked about earlier. I think it’s perfect for people who want to add some spice to their look this season without the full commitment!!

Just as proof how easily adaptable this makeup look is each year, here’s a snippet of the winged eyeliner trends that have been spotted for autumn/winter. Is underwinged liner something you’ll try? 

Metallic Eye Makeup

Metallic eye makeup? For summer? Count me in! 

Maybe you thought metallic eyes are typically for the autumn/winter season, but this trend is debunking that myth. Just ask Pat McGrath!! A wide range of metallics have been creeping into the newest summer eyeshadow palettes. I like pairing my metallic eyeshadow looks with a nude lip to really highlight the drama!! Perfect for days when I just want my eyes to do the talking. 

If you’re looking for a great palette to invest in (or even just generally), Pat McGrath raises the bar of all makeup expectation, especially metallics. 

Metallics look great both day and night! Pull out your favourite summer dress and watch it come to life with some glittery spice!

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