Get ready for Summer: outfits to inspire

Cute summer outfits may be the most mood-boosting of all. Summer fashion always feels lighthearted and fresh. When planning out your purchases and go-to formulas this year, take a look at the inspiration below. 

Slip Dresses + All Out Accessories

Slip dresses are just effortlessly elegant and flattering. This chocolate brown one from SIR is a cut out maxi dress featuring contrast floral lace cut-out detail through front to accentuate the waist. I paired it with my white Loewe sunnies, slouchy straw bag, straw hat and Hermès slip-on sandals (very good dupe here). 

Mix and Match

Less is more? Not always. Not if you ask me. Unconventional layers and compositions is a styling trick that many use to step up their looks. It’s a great way to bring personality and character to your look! Here are two basic rules for mix and matching: look for analogous colors, you will hardly go wrong in the composition because they are close and it is very likely to result in a mix sur ton that is beyond chic. Secondly, look for colors that run in opposite directions – these are complementary colors – for a bolder and super stylish combination. Check out some fun options below. 

Crochet Fever Forever

Democratic, crochet is a must between your summer outfits and matches a wide array of accessories. It is far from monotonous and gives the composition texture, personality, style and versatility. Want to put together some looks with the beauty of crochet? Check the carousel below.

What’s your go to fit for summer?

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