Paris Fashion Week Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week has been a dream come true. I’m glad I was able to inspire other girls and women who dream of an experience as such. I was one of those not long ago. I wrote on Instagram and I’ll say it here too: I’ve always imagined that there was more to me than “just playing around with clothes,” and I still feel that way. From the sidelines I watched people at fashion week, walking in and out of shows. I was a sponge back then. Fast forward to now and this is not the peak. It is a reflection of my past thoughts and it is a stepping stone towards a future that I am forever manifesting even if I cannot physically see it. So never ever stop dreaming and never stop doing what you love. Below, some of my street style looks to inspire you to own your style, wherever you are.

Eat Your Greens

Spring is around the corner and with it comes the lively and bright greenery of fresh grass. A colour of rebirth, green gives me a connection with nature and freedom. While brown has been on the spotlight for the past season, green is gaining traction once again. From candy coloured shades to Kelly Green (which I love), the bold colour is perfect for (much needed) sunny days to come and is impossible to ignore.

Unexpected Layers

I’ve always loved dressing completely for myself and wearing whatever I want regardless of where it’s from. That includes fashion weeks from anywhere in the world, Paris being my most recent one. Always be you and don’t be afraid to play with your style. Hence I decided to bring more vintage to Paris Fashion Week to mix in the old and new, highs and lows. I layered a @maisonkitsune dress over my green vintage skirt and thought it looked fire! 🔥

Jewel Tones

Did someone say jewel tones? I am here for them, you already know. This is a colour palette that won’t just stick because it’s exciting, but because it’s wearable, and easy for anyone to pull off. Jewel tones can be integrated into anyone’s closet and appeal to a wide range of aesthetics. Also, they’re just plain fun. Who’s down for some experimenting?

Checkers Game

I showed you here how to button two shirts together and create a third new one. You can do it with any colour, how fun would orange and pink look? Great style hack. In fact, this was my look for the @sacaiofficial show

Let’s Hear it For The (Edgy) Girls

Not my usual look, hum? I am making a case for Barbie-approved shades of pink but with an edgy twist, of course. “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, remember? Just kidding! Anyway, no gender binaries here, no “girls versus boys” mindset. Just a shade for everyone to have fun with (and in). 

Question: What was your favorite street style look?

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